Using existing video surveillance cameras and integrations with other systems  a layer of improvements in customer engagement and conversion is added


  • Customer behaviour analysis based on their movement patterns (heatmaps)

  • Customer flow analysis comparing customer inflow and receipts at POS

  • Identifying customers in doubt and in need of consultations (in progress)

The need

While online retail is growing there also is often a need / willingness for presence based shopping experience. Stores often struggle to sell specific items or are unaware which items are being bought and when.

  • Shelves often stay empty for long periods of time

  • In a surge of customers large queues are formed, but the staff may be unaware of it


Increase in shop performance / revenues by up to 2% depending on categories of goods

  • Better understanding of most visited places and paths taken by customers

  • Statistics based placement of promotional stands

  • Faster reaction to customer influx

  • More satisfied customers and additional purchases


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