The need

Brick and mortar retail is heavily dependent on human workforce,  which leads to errors, issues and missed income opportunities.

  • Little is known about the count of customers in the store or percentage of customers who buy anything

  • There is not much information about the most visited shelves of the store or the paths most traveled


Using existing video surveillance cameras and integrations with other systems  a layer of shop performance analytics is added

  • Monitoring of empty shelves (real time identification of empty shelves and automated orders for refill)

  • Queue management - identification of lines at cash registers and assignment of cashiers or general trend data to increase self or assisted checkouts)

  • Gamification of specific shop performance for employees

  • Predictive planning based on the data collected (in progress)

  • Goods delivery frequency and volume planning (in progress)


Increase in shop performance/revenues by up to 1%

  • Higher customer satisfaction due to shorter waiting times and more product choices

  • Easier to keep the shelves stocked and less staff required

  • Optimal count of open cash registers at all times

  • Better informed and motivated staff


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