The need

There are major losses for many retailers (up to 6% of turnover per year) due to LOST GOODS.

  • Emergency exits can be used to carry out stolen merchandise

  • Response to alarms from goods protection antennas at the cash registers is slow

  • The cashier can pass the goods without scanning them


Using existing video surveillance cameras, a layer of security improvements is added with following functionality:

  • Monitoring of restricted areas (emergency exits are  often used by thieves, blocking of these exits is prohibited by safety regulations)

  • Alert based PTZ control (guards attention is immediately directed  towards alert together with camera refocus)

  • Loss protection by integrating video and POS goods feed (identification of suspicious actions and tracking)

  • Loss protection by automated identification  of potential theft (in progress)

  • Item recognition and mapping at checkout (in progress)


Reduction in lost goods by up to 3% - immediate effect.

  • Faster response to theft attempts

  • Less options to exit the store for thieves

  • Lowered rate of cashier fraud


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